Select Press

“Meditative, spectral dreamscapes …  extraordinary voice: a fragile, sensuous instrument” – MOJO ★★★★

“Lush, dreamy songwriting with a gilded edge… Deliciously moody.” – CLASH

“Khouri’s voice is breathy, sensual, beguiling, meditative and her phrasing is a joy” – R2 ★★★★

“A pocket-sized book of lullabies, and gothic shanties, whose sounds and lyrics evoke a series of wondrous daydreams and sorrowful, mood-filled, late-night tales.” – Drowned in Sound

“The voice.  It’s the first and last thing you notice about The Salted Air, a dreamy, handsome, hushed album designed to be played in the blue hours of night, a thing of smoke and pearls and silvered mirrors and bruised hearts.” – The Herald

“Perfumed traces of Galaxie 500, Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins… a wonderfully spectral incantation” – UNCUT

“Nadine Khouri has always had the ability to make quietness and subtlety sound huge and mean more than it possibly could… The overwhelming breathless cool of Nadine’s voice is something that you cannot go without hearing.” – The 405

“Stunning – sometimes the strongest words are softly spoken.” – Tasty Fanzine

“A gravely, female voice sings modern, alternative torch-songs and the atmosphere is so mesmerizing, so fascinating you wish this late night moment would last forever.” – Cracked Reviews

“Khouri’s effortlessly powerful voice curls around the music, which at times can go from a skeletal finger-picked guitar swooping up to loop-based experimentalism. The themes are of traveling and the love-loss casualties along the road, and the songwriting here tells of a spirit at home on the road to the perfect song.” – Rough Trade

“The standout is ‘Blue of Princes’. This starts with a banjo sounding like it is played in a souk, half spoken until there is a moment worthy of Mazzy Star in their heyday when you realise the acoustic lilt you had been chilling to has slowly dropped off a cliff.” – God is in the TV

“She simultaneously creates music which sounds both timeless and fresh. Deeply authentic and heartfelt, new single Rouge is mesmerising, captivating and utterly addictive.” – The Girls Are

“The beautiful use of percussion in Khouri’s latest perfectly accompanies the singer’s spoken word track creating a chilled ambience. Worth a listen if only for the lyrical brilliance ‘Rouge’ offers.” – Musicfix

“A deceptively serene Patti Smith staking claim to an early morning cityscape.” – Unpeeled

“A voice that can slide from velvet to gravel in a measure’s time… Mesmerizing.” – Ramsay Short, Daily Star

“Journeys of exquisite, ghostly, brilliance. An artist who is not happy merely to possess a beautiful voice, but also to take you somewhere with it.” – Club Ugly

“Intimate and intoxicating voice.” – Alt Sounds

“Simply beautiful” – Fresh on the Net


“C’est d’abord une voix qui vous chante à l’oreille dans un spectre large entre grain et fluidité. Beau comme du Hope Sandoval avec une présence moins évanescente et plus charnelle. Difficile de ne pas être séduit.” – Magic Box

“Cette libano-britannique à la voix grave et chaleureuse signe ici un nouvel EP qui est dans le sillage de ces chanteuses qui évoluent en clair-obscur, lévitant au-dessus d’eaux calmes aux reflets surnaturels et imposant une assurance à toutes épreuves. De cette slow-folk lumineuse, Nadine Khouri prouve qu’elle fait partie de cette race d’artistes intemporelles qui, grâce à ce timbre de voix si particulier et un song-writing inspiré et des plus travaillés, se placent au-dessus de toutes polémiques.” – Liability

“Inspirée, elle sert ici cinq titres magnifiés par sa superbe voix… Sur un rythme lancinant, elle instaure un climat profond, délié, et s’appuie sur un enrobage sonore sobre. Une légère agitation parcourt toutefois A Song to the City, second titre tout aussi enjôleur. Ses compagnons musiciens élaborant un décor élégant qui monte doucement en intensité en allant de pair avec l’organe vocal étincelant de la dame.” – Foutraque

“Voix suave, sensuelle, limite susurrée, ce single est une splendeur.” – Noise R Us

“Nadine Khouri envoûte de sa voix sensuelle l’auditeur avide de voyages et d’amours déçus. Un songwriting soigné, des arrangements au groove sexy mais d’une séduisante sobriété, une interprétation délicate et habitée.” – Insect TV